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Name: XF Power Distribution Cabinet

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■ Applicable standards:

GB / T 14048.1 General rules of low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

GB 7251.12 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

IEC60439 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

IEC60364 Low-voltage electric device

IEC60529 Enclosure protection level (IP code) (GB4208-1993)

IEC61000-4 Amendment 1-Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

EN 55011 Industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio-frequency equipment

■ Production feature:

XF series high-performance low-voltage power distribution cabinets have reasonable design, compact structure, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance and high modularity. Widely used in power, iron, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, water and sewage treatment, papermaking, municipal construction, residential buildings and other fields. XF low-voltage power distribution box is a high-strength box structure using standard modules, assembled by the factory (FBA) or welded. It is suitable for low-voltage AC power distribution, frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz, rated working voltage ≤690V, rated working current ≤630A (315kW motor), as power distribution equipment for fans, pumps, compressors, conveyor belts, mixers, grinders, centrifuges and complex high-power machines.

■ XF low-voltage power distribution cabinet adopts all-metal shell, and the door of the box can use glass door or metal door. The box is installed in two ways: hanging box and floor box. The hanging box shell is made of 1.5mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the floor box shell is made of 2.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The cabinet is divided into assembled or welded.

■ The streamlined outer hinge (or inner hinge), the door opening degree reaches 180 degrees (inner hinge 120 degrees), and use new ribs on the door panel, greatly improve the operation space and door strength during maintenance.

■ The front is a single-layer door or double-layer door. When the double-layer door: the inner layer is a functional unit small room door, the outer layer is an explosion-proof transparent door, which is beautiful, luxurious and has a high shell protection level.

■ Compact structure and fully tested, completely based on modular design concept. During the design process, all requirements related to flexibility, robustness, compactness and easy maintenance are considered, making XF low-voltage power distribution cabinet suitable for any occasion.

■ The primary solution of low-voltage power distribution cabinet can be flexible according to different purposes and can be used independently.

■ Protection class

Product shell protection level: IP3X, IP31, IP32, IP4X, IP41, IP42, * IP43, * IP44, * IP54, * IP45, * IP65, the general protection level of the cooling system uses air self-cooling or fan cooling; with * protection for higher grades, heat dissipation must be considered, the structure can be double-layer doors, and components must be derated.

■ Dimensions of cabinet:

Overall dimensions

Hanging box

Floor cabinet

Height( H )



Width ( W )



Depth ( D )




■ Main parameters:

Rated working voltage:

Main circuit AC400V/690V

Auxiliary circuit:


Rated insulation voltage:


Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50μs):

6 kV

Rated power frequency withstand voltage:


Rated working current:


Rated frequency:

50 Hz/60Hz


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