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1. Real-time data display

Through the system wiring diagram, electrical parameter summary table, single circuit wiring diagram and other methods to dynamically display equipment operating status and measurement parameters. Display the layout of the power distribution room, the layout of the switch cabinet, and the layout of the cabinet.

With a rich graphic library, the screen can more vividly and intuitively reflect the system status and parameters, such as the analog dial shows current and voltage, and the histogram shows the load rate of each loop and the distribution of each harmonic.

2. Real-time alarm

When an accident trip, fault alarm, status change, abnormal voltage, current or power limit, demand exceeds the limit, communication interruption, etc., the system can promptly notify local user by means of sound prompts, screen pop-ups, color differentiation, and information flash. At the same time, alarm messages can be sent via SMS and email.

Alarms are classified. Each type of alarm can define the corresponding priority. Users at different levels can view different types of alarms. Each type of alarm can define different alarm sounds and colors. For example, red indicates an emergency alarm (such as a fault trip), orange indicates a general alarm (such as a current limit violation), and white indicates a general event (such as a status change). After the alarm is confirmed, the sound and flashing can be stopped.

You can query detailed alarm information through the alarm browser window, including date and time, status, text description, etc. .; you can sort by time, priority, and area.

The central signal panel displays the alarm information of the equipment. When a serious alarm occurs, the alarm light flashes red; when a general alarm occurs, the alarm light flashes orange; after the alarm is cleared, the alarm light gray.

3. Trend Curve

Real-time trends show the changes of real-time data. The historical trend shows the data recorded in the database, and the data changes in different time periods can be displayed in the range of day, month and year.

Display the real-time and historical trends of power (voltage, current, power, etc.) and non-electricity (transformer temperature, etc.) in different periods of each loop.

The range is self-adaptive, which can be partially enlarged and displayed, and can choose the step or smooth curve mode.

Multiple coordinate systems can be defined, and trends in different time periods of the same parameter can be displayed and compared simultaneously on the same screen.

4. Diagnosis of communication network

The reliability of smart device communication is the key to ensuring the real-time and accuracy of the data. The system monitors the communication status of all smart devices in real time.

The communication status of the device can be monitored through the communication network diagram. Green indicates normal communication and red flashing indicates communication failure.

Database records communication interruption and recovery time and loop information.

Users can view real-time and historical communication alarm information.

5. Database records

The system use standard ODBC database interface, data can be stored in a general-purpose database, such as SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

Data can be stored on the user's data server or cloud database, or partially stored in the cloud database.

Flexible recording triggering methods, including timing recording method, event / alarm triggering recording method, and data change recording method.

Automatic maintenance function, you can set the database record capacity or how long time to save, automatically delete and export old data records.

Data record content:

Main electrical parameters: voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy, frequency, etc.

Switching status: circuit breaker closed, circuit breaker opened, handcart working position, handcart test position, grounding switch closed, remote operation state, spring energy storage, etc.

Alarm events: control power failure, trip circuit disconnection, transformer high temperature, transformer over temperature, transformer door opening, device communication interruption, device failure, etc.

Protection information: instantaneous overcurrent protection, overcurrent protection, grounding, low voltage, over voltage, differential, zero sequence voltage, low frequency, over frequency, etc.

6. Security Management

Users can be divided into different levels, and each level is given different permissions. Each user has a different user name and password, and the user must enter the correct user name and password to perform the corresponding operation.

General users: You can check the system diagram, arrangement diagram, electrical parameters, trend curve, historical data and alarm, etc., to master the system working conditions.

Operator: In addition to the permissions of general users, the operator can remotely control the on / off circuit breaker, set the alarm value for over-limit, and modify the circuit name.

Administrator: In addition to the permissions of operator, the administrator can perform system maintenance, user management, fixed value setting, and prohibit / enable alarm.

7. Statistical analysis and report

1. Automatic statistics and record the demand, average and maximum value of electrical parameters, year / month / day energy, etc.

2. Query data, events and alarm records by time period, loop, load category, department, and team.

3. Display the statistic results of electricity through tables, histograms and trend graphs, which is convenient for users to analyze the electricity consumption of the system.

4. Display the load demand through the trend curve to prevent the load from exceeding the maximum demand limit allowed by the power sector.

5. Double rate calculation function, can calculate electricity consumption according to time period and rate, and generate electricity rate report.

8. WEB Release

The monitoring data is uploaded to the cloud database through the data collection server or cloud communication management machine. Build dynamic websites through cloud hosting and cloud databases. Enables device operation data, events and alarms to be queried through a browser; also supports mobile device (smartphone, tablet) APP for query and alarm prompts.

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