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Computer room precision power distribution cabinet


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Name: Computer room precision power distribution cabinet

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■ Applicable standards:

GB 7251.1-2013 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

GB / T 7251.12-2013 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

GB 7251.8-2005 General technical requirements for intelligent low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

■ Production feature:

As the terminal power distribution product of the data center, the header cabinet of data room is the power supply unit closest to the IT equipment. Its safe and reliable operation is vital to the normal operation of the IT equipment. At present, the new-generation data centers have higher and higher requirements for the reliability and manageability of the power supply system. IT users need more reliable and flexible power distribution systems, more refined management, and more accurate cost consumption for information equipment power supply systems. The precision power distribution cabinet not only completes the power distribution function of the traditional power distribution cabinet, but also has many powerful monitoring and management functions, so that the data center manager can always know the load of the cabinet load and the distribution branch circuits status, various parameters, and power consumption of different clusters.

■ The cabinet adopts server cabinet, which is completely consistent with the style of the equipment room

■ Double-layer protection design on the front and mesh door or glass door on the front door

■ ISV plastic panel inside, safe and flame retardant

■ Real-time data display, real-time alarm, trend curve, communication network diagnosis, database recording, security management, statistical analysis and reporting, data cloud release, etc.

■Main parameters of switchgear:

Rated working voltage(Ue):


Rated insulation voltage(Ui):


Rated frequency(fn):

50 Hz

Rated current of main bus bar(InA):


Rated short time withstand of main bus bar(Icw):

6 kA

Enclosure protection class:



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