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■ Applicable standards:

UL 508A

IEC61000-4 《Amendment 1-Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)》

■ Production feature:

Automation control cabinets include DCS system control cabinets, PLC control cabinets, VFD cabinets, servo controller cabinets, and network communication cabinets. Industries involved: petrochemical, automotive, playground, biopharmaceutical, power generation, shipbuilding and other fields.

■ The cabinet body adopts Rittal TS profile, and the cabinet frame is welded by profile. It has high strength, excellent load carrying performance, PU foam seal, rich in elasticity, resistant to high temperature of 180 ℃ without hardening, and protection level up to IP54. The surface of the cabinet is treated with ceramic nano-coating, electrophoretic primer, and powder spraying. The paint surface has strong strength, strong corrosion resistance, grease resistance, and resistance to weak alkalis and weak acids.

■ DCS system control cabinet is the core of production control. It adopts three redundant controllers and analog and digital input and output modules. The signals are separated by an isolation barrier. The control power is redundant and hot-swappable. The protective grounding of the cabinet and the grounding of the equipment are strictly shielded. AC power and DC power are strictly separated to ensure the reliability of equipment operation.

■ PLC control cabinet can complete equipment automation and process automation control, and achieve perfect network functions. It has the characteristics of stable performance, scalability, and strong anti-interference. It is the core and soul of modern industry. The PLC control program can be designed to meet the user's needs, and can be matched with the HMI to achieve the purpose of easy operation. The device can realize data transmission and monitoring with the upper computer of DCS bus through communication protocols such as Modbus and Profibus.

■ The VFD cabinet has become the main driving mode due to its good starting performance, speed regulation performance and energy saving effect. The inverter can minimize the impact of large power motors on the power grid and a large voltage drop, and the power saving effect is significant.

■The servo system is an automatic control system that enables the output controlled quantity of the object's position, orientation, state, etc. to follow any change of the input target (or a given value). Its main task is to amplify, transform and adjust the power according to the requirements of the control commands, so that the torque, speed and position output of the drive device are very flexible and convenient to control.

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